A day in the life of a model Fit

When most people think of modeling, they think of high fashion magazines and track shows.

I've done just about all that, but I've spent most of my career as a model.

What is a shape model?

Here is what Wikipedia says:

A fitting pattern (sometimes fitting pattern) is a person who is used by a fashion designer or apparel manufacturer to check fit, drape, Visual appearance of a drawing on a "real" human being, acting effectively as a living dummy

It is a technically accurate definition, but it does Not counting the myriad of fun and challenges that goes into the day in the life of an adjustment model.

Working days at 5am military fatigue drive my car downtown to camp training with a group of wall-A type streeters to perspire and stay in shape. With music and singing at the top of my lungs, I would be excited to work the moment I pulled to my parking lot outside the gym.

Everywhere I went, everyone was wearing clothes that I had in shape

Even when I was not in a fit, which was almost 24 / 7, I would be asking women questions about the clothes they wore that I had in shape. I make purchases on the brands that I own as well as compete, measure all the clothes, take pictures of myself and others wearing the clothes and give customers digital and written reports of the Way to improve the clothes we adapt. All the women at the training camp were wearing Gap Body underwear and they were important consumers with excellent feedback (which made a great start of the day.)

After class I Rearrange my backpack for the day.

The staples of my daily life of New York City backpack model were:

* PDA, headset, additional cell phone, notebook

* about 6 different types of bras

* 5 different styles of underwear

* Shoes: sneakers, sneakers, heels and heels needle

* Makeup, hair brush, comb, clear nail polish, manicure kit, tampons, fasteners and hair clips

* Measuring tape

* voucher books (model time sheets)

* cards and composite business cards

* safety pins, double adhesive tape, baby wipes, fabrics, disposable plastic bag

* paperwork, pen, pencil, small stapler, scissors

* wallet with several metro cards

* tank tops and tights

* bottle of water, meals and snacks

* still some surprise items

Once I left home, I probably would not be back home until midnight-ish, so I had to always have Anything I might need for any situation in my backpack.

During the modeling, everyone always asked me how I kept my silhouette toned and my answer was always … I ran here and I will run to my next appointment And run to the next and next after that until that night, and I would carry a very heavy bag.

I had run through many interesting people everyday but never had time to discuss or stop.

One day, running into the clothing center, I was moving fast enough, but I was brutally forced to stop by several men on W36 street approaching # 39 a red light.

Bra or pair of underwear and howl the fire!

Luigi handed me a half-bra when Joe was turning my thong around his finger. I quickly gathered everything I could before the light changed, but as if the personal content was not embarrassing enough, I'm literally on fire too!

I had a bunch of games from a restaurant in my bag that triggered the friction of the movement and created smoke and fire in the pocket. Luckily, I had a lot of help and even rain over to put out the flames. (I made it to my appointment at the time.)

During the day, I would have all kinds of customers and wardrobe ailments . Once a customer cut my bra and sliced ​​my underwear with scissors in the crack area butt when cutting jeans I was wearing.

Another time, I came home late in the adjustment and noticed horrible, back. For hours, I thought that I was injured or had blood clots until I finally figured out that I had worn a garment with a huge pad Ink "SAMPLE" inside the clothes that were rubbed.

Running to a customer in the rain, jumped into a taxi and completely split the back of my pants, but I had to keep moving and get to the # 39 next use in time. With my backpack around my buttocks, I met a seamstress who could fix it and had another pair of pants to give me. I changed behind a tree in the lobby. Customers said that they put their watches by me so I could not be late.

Staying the same size was not always easy. I took a colon cleanser to lose weight one day and went to the bathroom so many times in a row, I became too skinny and had to pig out while working at my next fitting to get my waist down. New to the spec in minutes. With the modeling in shape, it does not have to be lean, it is being the same size all the time!

Life as a model in form has always offered new and exciting adventures. So, what does it take to be a fit model?

To be your most marketable self, being a Renaissance woman certainly increases your chances of being selected by customers for form fitting work. In addition to looking beautiful, a model must do its homework and bring valuable insights and feedback to the fittings.

Natural optimists, multitasking with a lot of endurance and resistant ego are best suited for shape modeling, provided that it be blessed with the proportional figure, standard And can maintain this body, ALWAYS.

A smile is a must with design cabinets. Customers appreciate interesting, honest, organized people and there should be a solid person with a good heart under the fashionable costume. Excellent communication skills, ability to read and raise minds, flexibility and patience are essential!

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