Brand awareness

The ultimate recognition when Bill Dedman said – Brand names are well known to business school professors, but only a teacher is a brand itself. Call Professor Oprah. There can be no greater appreciation when its own name becomes a brand in itself and it is accepted globally. Even our fictional "Gabbar Singh" is a brand representing a certain quality of person, although stereotyped.

Some brands turn out to be very powerful as Sara Blakely says, that is the power of the brand. We have never officially announced. I do not know if you know this excerpt, A semicircle, a circle, a semicircle A. A semicircle, a circle, a right angle A. We, the children of the late 60s, Head to confuse our friends, the answer to which was. This is the power of the brand when it becomes a part of everyday life.

Look at the truth behind the following:

* How many of us use the term "photocopy"? We mainly use "Xerox".

* Do we say "look for the net"? No, we say "Google it".

* Rarely do we say "vaseline". We always say "Vaseline" which is a registered trademark of Unilever.

* "Walkman" is a Sony brand. The generic name is "Personal Stereo".

* We say "Ziploc" and not "Zippered bag".

There are many examples such as many of them would surprise you like Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid), Bikini), Cellophane (transparent regenerated cellulose sheets), Carbonic ice (solid form of carbon dioxide ), Escalator (mobile staircase), Kerosene (liquid hydrocarbon fuel) and Thermos (vacuum flask)

What is a brand? As defined in Unique design, sign, symbol, words or a combination of these, used in creating an image that identifies a product and differentiates it from its competitors. Over time, this image becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality and satisfaction in the mind of the consumer. Thus, brands help harassed consumers in a crowded and complex market, highlighting some benefits and value. The legal name of a trademark is a trademark and, when it identifies or represents a business, it is called a trademark. In other words, a brand goes beyond a simple name or a logo or an icon. This is a promise to your customers of a certain type of product or service. A brand combines several elements that include logo, words, font, design, colors, personality, price, service, etc. You should also look at the attributes of your product / service and integrate them into your brand. When you think of SONY, you immediately get the image of consumer electronics of superior quality and BENZ reminds you of the best German engineering in automobiles

* Your brand is your public identity , Which you trust. And for your brand to be sustainable, it needs to be tested, redefined, managed and developed as markets evolve. The brands learn or disappear. Lisa Gansky

Why do you need a brand? Every business needs a brand, including startups. With the short attention span of customers in the current environment, standard ads do not register. When you watch television, how many advertisements do you see or remember? Perhaps that unconventional radicals or those related to well-known brands and there also you can not remember the actual advertising.

What is going into the making of a brand? The creation of a brand is a complex and lengthy but extremely crucial activity. Here, let me show you some of the elements and their impact:

* Name: This is not just a word or a set of words. "Apple" or "Idea" is not just a word; They provide a feeling, a promise. In the case of Apple, the promise is quality and exclusivity. In the case of the idea, this is the technology that tends towards the common masses.

* Logo: This is the visual representation that identifies the mark. The LIC logo of a pair of hands holding a lamp symbolizes to protect / protect the light of life.

* Signature phrase: A very important component for any brand. We all know that "Taste of India" is associated with AMUL (Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd.).

* Graphics: Graphic design (shape, color, font, etc.) of any brand, including logo. Air India has a mascot in the "Maharaja" as well as a logo. The Centaur which has now been replaced by a red flying swan with the "Konark Chakra" in orange, placed inside. The design and combination of colors of each aircraft also contribute to the brand.

* Shapes: The distinctive radiator grille of the Rolls Royce automobile is never changed through its many models.

* Sounds: The tunes and musical notes add to the experience. The chimes of Microsoft Windows, the 25th symphony of Mozart used for Titan watches.

There are other elements such as smell and taste that can also go into making your brand. Companies have even used the services of linguists to help create their brands. Reaching a level where your brand becomes a part of everyday jargon can take years and may or may not mean something good for

"People Need Patience Carmen Busquets

For some of these brands the proprietary companies have completely dominated the market and they continue to reap the benefits.Most, however, the company owner has disappeared into oblivion while the brand lives on.

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