Corona Beer Girls

Corona Beer Girls are attractive women who are over 21 and have the opportunity to trace the fun lifestyle of the Corona beer.

You have probably seen the advertisements of the Corona Girls on the beach running in bikinis that guys look at and fantasize about them.

Beer Companies are known for marketing the fun lifestyle of their beers. The beer companies have also taken this lifestyle fun for bars and special events. They sponsor any event that their targeted consumers are to.

Beer Girls wear extremely sexy outfits that are designed to grab and hold people's attention. Promotional models promoting alcoholic beverages generate between $ 25 and $ 30 on average.

Beer suppliers like Corona and Miller Lite understand the importance of using attractive promotional templates to convey a message to young men that their beer is fresh to drink.

Becoming a beer girl

There are certain requirements To become a girl of beer.

1. First and foremost, you must be attractive and be over 21 years old.

2. You must be able to communicate effectively to consumers.

3. You must have a good memory and provide the qualities and attributes of the drink you are promoting.

4. You must be reliable and professional.

5. You must know how to sell a product.

Sign up to become a promotional drink model

Most of the girls you see promoting drinks have generally been doing it for a while Some time and have connections that you do not have. Here are 3 ways you can become a promotional beverage model.

1. You can search online for promotional modeling agencies that have beverage customers.

2. You can contact your local beverage distributor and ask them who is doing their promotions.

3. You can contact the beverage provider and ask them which marketing agency is managing their promotions.

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