Shaving pubic hair (for women)

The clean word is "Vulva" but I prefer to call it "Vagina" so I will not confuse too many people. "Vagina" is the word of choice for a private party of the woman, never heard anyone including my OB / GYN designate her as Vulva … I wonder why "we" are afraid to say "Vulva ".. ?? Whatever it is, this article will discuss the proper way to shave the "Vagina" in order to prevent these nasty razor bumps and minimize ingrown hairs. I have heard many women talk about getting nasty shaving bumps a day or two after shaving, so I am here to show you a good way to prevent or minimize your chances of shaving. get. I experiment with my body a lot then this is a shaving routine that works for me every time, and I hope it works for you too!

Things you'll need

(A) Brand new razor shaver … a cheap disposable razor is a No-No. (Be sure to invest in a good quality shaver, those with multiple blades and pivot heads are the best because they give a smoother shave) … Example of good brands are Venus Embrace, Schick Quattro, etc.

(b) Pure silk shaving cream for women … Make sure it says for sensitive skin …

(c) AYATE Washcloth … This will be used to exfoliate dead skin cells ..

(d) Shaving oil

(e) EQUATEE Baby oil odorless (hypoallergenic) You have it contains vitamin E

(A) Cut out your pubic hair (if it's too hairy) .. This Will make shaving easier and minimize irritation

(C) Take a shower or a "hot" bath for at least 15 minutes.

(B) Unscented bath soap to wash your private area.

(D) Apply shaving oil on your private part … The razor slips more easily and your skin will remain hydrated throughout the shaving process.

(E) Apply a generous amount of shaving cream … A rich foam will protect your skin from nasty cuts and cuts.

(F) Use a shaving razor, shaving it in downward motion. Make sure to rinse the razor every few shots … Allowing the razor to clog causes a disaster on your own.

(G) When you have finished shaving, rinse your Private Party.

(H) Be sure to moisturize the shaved area after tapping dry. I use Equate unscented baby oil for this purpose. Yes, you will be fat. Better oily than itch, right? ****** Avoid applying perfumed lotions, this irritates your skin causing these bumpy nasty bumps ****. Apply to external part only!

A friend of mine suggested "Immaculate Immaculate Hair Serum" and "Bikini Zone Anti-Bump Shaving Gel" for the fight against ingrown hairs and bumps. Keep it handy in case you need it.

(I) Avoid wearing panties for at least an hour. Also, avoid wearing tight clothing (especially jeans) just after shaving … (I often shave the day off so I just wear a loose skirt or shorts, without underwear for the rest of the day ). Whenever your private room begins to feel dry, apply more oil to baby on external parts only. Final note: Ladies, if you want to go completely bald there I suggest you get a Brazillian wax. Trying to shave pubic hair completely can be dangerous because you could cut your inner Vulva. The Brazilian wax also keeps you bald for a few weeks and you do not have to worry about razor bumps either.

A quick recap: I am not in any way claiming that this method will prevent bosses and ingrown hairs in everyone. This is just a shaving method that works for me so I decided to share it with everyone with the hope that it will help somebody else . Bravo!

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